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 Professor at the Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade University
 Head of PhD studies
 Department of Ecological Engineering in
 Soil and Water Resources Protection.


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Born on 20 May 1946.

Graduated at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade (October 1, 1964 - September 30, 1968).

M. Sc. in Erosion Control: March 2 , 1979
Title of Master thesis: “Study of Erosion Control Effects of Filtration Check Dams, as a Specific type of Dam by Professor Rosic Depending on the Type of Parrent Rock".

Dr. Sc. in Forestry, Erosion Control: June 21, 1985
Title of Doctoral thesis: “Research of Sediment Regime in the Torrents of Western and South-Eastern Serbia".

Field of Scientific Research: Soil erosion; Sediment transport in the torrents; Effects of erosion and torrent control works; Watershed management; Ecological effects of soil erosion and sediment transport; Erosion and torrent control.

Membership of professional bodies:
- Society of Forestry Engineers and Technicians of Serbia
- Serbian Society of Soil Sciences;
- Serbian Chamber of Engineers;
- World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC);
- Serbian Society for Erosion and Torrent Control

Language skills: Serbian, Bulgarian, English, Macedonian, French, Russian.

Professional Experience Record:
February 1971- December 31, 1973: Enterprise for Erosion and Torrent Control "Bosna-Drina", Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

January 3, 1974 - October 23, 1975: Construction Enterprise "Gradnja", Dimitrovgrad, Serbia

Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade University, Serbia:
Assistant: October 24, 1975- April 15,1986;
Assistant professor: April 16, 1986- October 10, 1991;
Associate professor: October 11, 1991- May 21, 1997;
Full time professor: Since May 22, 1997

Other Activities
In addition to the activities in student instruction, actively working as a scientific researcher in all the projects of the Department of Erosion and Torrents Control ( now Department of Ecological Engineering in Soil and Water Resources Protection of Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade University. In the course of research activities dealt with following issues:
- Soil erosion,
- Erosion and torrent control,
- Sediment transport in the torrents,
- Runoff regime in the small mountainous watersheds,
- Sediment management,
- Effects of erosion and torrent control works,
- Ecological effects of soil erosion and sediment transport.

Until now published over 140 scientific (journal and conferences) papers and about 30 professional papers; directing or collaborating in 20 case studies and 50 projects in the field of erosion and torrent control and watershed management. In addition I have published two textbooks for the University (Faculty of Forestry) and one for High school.

Attended some specialization courses and participated in the following study tours:
- Tbilisi, Georiga, 15 days in June 1982 visiting at the Institute of Hydroengineering and meliorations in Zakavkazie Scientific-research Institute;
- Brno, Czech Republic, 15 days in September 1985. I was at the Faculty of Forestry in Brno;
- Aix-en-Provence and Grenoble, France, in June 1988, 15 days. I participated in the work of the Sixteenth Session of the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds (FAO of the UN).